Mark Brouwer Mark Brouwer, son of the artist + painter Hubertus Brouwer (1989), began diving in the eighties and was certified by Jaime Ferreol (spanish diving legend > from Mallorca - Spain)

During his career as a rock musician (listen to some newer songs on: in Germany, he appeared on stage with the Cure, Simple Minds and many other bands (1000 live gigs). Now Brouwer owns and directs several companies with a total of nearly 200 employees (a cafe, restaurant, bar, music club and numerous coffee shops). He’s also an exotic guy in the underwater-photographer scene.

Brouwer began his photographic endeavours in the early 90`s and gained experience with professionals like Michael P. Wong, Steve Fish, Doug Perrine, Stephen Wong, Takako Uno and Niki Weidinger and many others... "that helps to improve...and it never stops”... Meanwhile published in the USA, Germany, Thailand, Netherlands etc.
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